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This site aims at becoming the definitive source on all things Volvo Cross Country and in doing so, we’re creating an extensive collection of press and reviews on the car. I know it’s a ton of reading, but if you’re really into finding out everything you possibly can about how the press perceives the Cross Country, is the place to start.

Keep in mind we’ve posted pretty much everything we could find containing a review of the Cross Country. The good, the bad, the ugly… everything. has not been censored in any way on our part.

All non-English articles have been translated by Google.

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The dates without month are simple guesses on date published.

Date Link Quote
April, 2004 icNorthWales While this is obviously a crossover car you wouldn’t know from the way it drives on normal roads. It’s terrific in the rough too.
February, 2004 Forbes So, should you buy car? Despite our criticisms, we liked it for its safety, AWD, versatility and, compared with other luxury wagons, its competitive pricing.
October, 2003 Motor Trend Our choice when it comes to wagons is, well, a wagon–the improved XC70.
December, 2002 Road & Track Four-Wheeling in the Land of Hiawatha.
January 10, 2003 New engine, improved all-wheel-drive for 2003.
July 1, 2002 TopGear A good, solid, sensible all-rounder, made better.
January 25, 2002 TopGear The V70 is a great car as it is, so your best bet is to stick with the standard 2.4 SE.
February 23, 2001 TopGear Is it an off-roader anyway? Sadly, it is.
2001 Motor Week …years of wagon know-how and a stellar safety reputation keep the V7O Cross Country ahead, and pulling away…
2001 $35K, still less than almost all similarly equipped sport utes, and a lot more enjoyable and safe to live with.
2001 AutoWire Few people we know talk about Volvo. And that is truly unfortunate.
2001 Kelley Blue Book Admiring Volvo’s refined SUV alternative.
2001 72/100, tied with allroad.
2001 Volvo is able to import the Cross Country 4WD into Australia as a truck (true!).
2001 It will need to be special to match the Volvo Cross Country.
2001 All the credentials to be a success.
2001 American Woman Road and Travel Most Dependable: Volvo Cross Country

Best in Class – Station Wagon

2001 The Car Connection A wildly popular Scandinavian model heads for the backcountry.
2001 Volvo creates interesting

alternative to Sport utility

2001 Cross Country gets serious.
2001 Good for more than just pose value.
2001 Volvo heads bush in 4WD luxury.
2001 TAKE a V70 and toughen it up.
2001 The new Cross-Country is a serious bit of gear
2001 High Country. Clever, too.
2001 It’s not often I get a round of applause when I’m driving…
2001 Turbo-charged town and country vehicle
2001 AudiWorld/ (3 pages) The jury is clearly divided.
2001 The best of both worlds.
2001 Winter Test.
2001 Minor electrical glitches spoil otherwise fine machine.
2001 (German) Pretty confusing, but i think Volvo is considered a better value vs allroad..
2001 (German) Is very well co-ordinated (?)
2001 No real summary
2001 Combines a host of luxury features expected from well-respected Swedish carmaker.
2001 (French) New Country Cross-country race.
2001 You want to drive a really cool Volvo?
2001 Once stodgy, boxy, Volvo now sexy, svelte.
2001 Has the advantage of all-wheel drive and higher road clearance.
2001 (Portuguese) For it are, the robust appearance for a style turkey. uhhhh.. right, ok!
2001 AAA Best Wagon (35-40k).
May, 2001 Mechanicals…make the XC More Than Just an SUV Wannabe.
April 2001 Winnipeg Free Press Building on base of excellence, Volvo’s Cross Country a winner.
April 2001 So far, my Car of the Year.
April 2001 It will do most of what the majority of drivers will want from it, and probably a little more.
March 2001 Remains on the “car” side of even the “cross- over” four wheel drive brigade.
2000 3/5.
2000 (German) A strong combination with 200 HP and all-wheel drive. That lures into nature, not truely? Here the first exit with the new Volvo V70 CROSS Country.
2000 FORGET EVERYTHING you know about station wagons.
2000 SUV Look, Volvo Feel.
2000 Not quite a wagon, not quite an SUV, Volvo’s V70 Cross Country is a rugged contender.
2000 Better mileage, steady handling and possibly the most comfortable seats ever.
2000 You’ll be surprised.
2000 Unparalleled versatility and flexibility in a variety of road conditions.
2000 Action Man’s ideal car.
October 2000 Your Afghan will love the new Cross Country.
October 2000 (3 pages) Volvo family values with attitude.
October 2000 ai-online (Cached) is the perfect anti-SUV.
September 2000 Volvo’s sexy XC.
September 2000 Competently conquers the city as well as the roads not often taken.
September 2000 Best of both worlds — car and SUV.
September 2000 Volvo gets serious with all-roader.
August 2000 AOL Anywhere Car of the week.
July 2000 Takes SUV battle to new level.
July 2000 Nothing ho-hum about wagon.
June 2000 (Portuguese) We had a beautiful surprise.
June 2000 2001 Cross Country has SUV guts, premium car luxury.
May 2000 (German) Still more in it and still more to.
1998? (German) With Volvo one may get off the way.
September 1998 The consummate family car heads off-road.
July 1998 Volvo delivers a balanced mix of extreme safety

and outrageous performance

May, 1998 World of Off Road The Right to Roam?
December 1997 The Mercury News Volvo Cross-Country wagon thinks it’s a sport-ute.