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Car Washing Tips

Contributor: art, coastal, josmatic

Last Updated:
December 5, 2004

Here’s a few
for now, this list will grow as the submissions grow.

  1. Exterior wash, I’m using Rain-X car wash. It’s ok, though I would like to try Meguair’s Car Wash as I hear it’s primo.
  2. For the wheels I’m using Eagle One Wheel Cleaner. It’s the best, just be sure to heed the warnings.
  3. Leather? Meguiar’s Leather Cleaner and Conditioner. It’s pretty good, though you may also want to try Lexol, I hear that’s pretty good stuff too.
  4. Be sure to vacuum your leather seats carefully and regularly. Getting dirt trapped in the cracks will wear the leather much more quickly.
  5. Water and Shop Towels are the best for interior cleaning.
  6. Windows? Use Windex and newspaper.
  7. Generally speaking, you can’t go wrong with anything made by Meguiar’s. I feel they’re the best!
  8. Art adds that Swiffer cloths do a great job of sucking up the dust on the dash!
  9. josmatic suggests a product called Cosmeto for leather treatment, and that BlueMagic does a great job of cleaning and protecting the plastic cladding.