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    Default Positive first impression published by "Autovisie"

    The leading Dutch car magazine "Autovisie" published a first impression of the new V70 and XC70. The overall impression was "The V70 and XC70 are more premium than ever, whilst conserving traditional Volvo values.

    "Design More emotional design within the characteristic Volvo concept. Luxurious and classy interior.
    Engine and transmission Broad range of diesel and petrol engines. New six cylinder engines are remarkably smooth machines. Automatic six speed transmission shifts perfectly.
    Handling and brakes Still a bit modest, but a more dynamic handling car than the previous V70. XC70 drives like a real car, while it has convincing terrain capabilities.
    Comfort Improved suspension comfort compared to previous V70/XC70, with an option for three damping levels. Very good seats and lots of space in the rear for passengers.[..]
    Practicality Among the largest estates in this segment. Cargo area with a practical shape. Low cargo area access.
    Competition Not only because of the specifications, but also because of the price an interesting alternative for the BMW, Audi or Mercedes estates.

    Some more quotes (all is translated from Dutch, sorry for errors in my English):

    "The new V70 and XC70 appear to be more compact than their predecessors, but in fact they are 11.5 cm longer".
    Both cars did not get any heavier, even though the cars are bigger:
    "Therefore both Volvo's are cars that steer remarkably easy."
    "Without Volvo having the premium image like Audi, BMW or Mercedes, the V70 and XC70 have moved a bit more towards the European top brands, especially with regard to the interior options." "Both models are priced more attractive than the competitors. This more than compensates for the difference between the Volvo's lower premium level and the full premium level of the German estates."
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    Thanks for this.

    I'd dearly love to get one but can't afford it
    01 XC70, Mistral Green, 85,000kms

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