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Thread: Wheel Bearings

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    Unhappy Disapointing.....

    After 3 years and 72000km's (44K Miles) I have been very pleased with my -04 XC70. But now I have to change the rear wheel bearings. Tech at Volvo dealer sort of "admits" those bearings used has a weak seal, and that it "has happend before on world basis". It will be replaced with a new type used in newer models (I don't know from what year).

    Tech said moisture would sneak in through the seal, and in my case the car was parked for 6 weeks in low temp, moisture would freeze and expansion would break the seal further. So coming back after vacation this sound (like riding with noisy tires) would appear around 40km/h and disappear at 70 km/h.

    Now the worst thing about this. My 3 year warranty ran out on me on this (by 3 days), and they want me to pay for this! I guess in these cases its up to the dealer to decide what service level he wants to provide, but I'm disappointed.....

    So after some discussions, he agreed to split the cost.

    In the same operation, brakes will be changed in the rear as a result of driving allot in road salt resulting in uneven wear on the disks.

    So watch out for those wheel bearings before your warranty expires...


    The dealer (or Volvo) decided they would cover the cost for both rear wheel bearings, so I guess I'm still happy with my Volvo and dealer
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    Default Right Rear Bearing failed at 53K miles

    Just an fyi for others on the board - be sure to get those bearings checked BEFORE your warranty expires. The right rear bearing on my 2003 just failed at 53,000 miles. Dealer is replacing it today - $549 USD installed + tax.
    Cheers, Gary

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    I had both rear bearings on my '03 replaced at 75,000 miles by the dealer for $589 installed (tax included). My dealer (Serafini Volvo Vestal, NY) does give a 20% parts discount for COCA members.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BillAileo View Post
    I had both rear bearings on my '03 replaced at 75,000 miles by the dealer for $589 installed (tax included). My dealer (Serafini Volvo Vestal, NY) does give a 20% parts discount for COCA members.

    That is VERY cheap, great deal!

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    Angry 3 wheel bearings at 52k

    I guess I am in good company. I had 3 !!!! fail right after warranty, so guess I should be much better at keeping up with my reading of the forum
    I wonder if I post to see how many of us have had the same problem we could get some support from Volvo ?
    I also have the good fortune of using Serafini Volvo in Binghamton NY and they discounted the work for us so it "only" cost $975.00 for all 3.
    Begining to think maybe I should sell it and take my losses rather than bleed big on a regular basis. Such a shame cause I love the car otherwise.....
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