Volvo held its first Nurburgring Trip this past October. It was a very successful event that is back again for the Spring of 2007. On this adventure you will experience a driving school like no other on the famed Grand Prix race track in Germany.
Along with this very exclusive driving experience you will have an unforgettable once in a lifetime experience with VIP treatment from the beginning to the end.

This adventure will be available to only 20 customers purchasing a Volvo Overseas Delivery Program vehicle. The 20 lucky customers taking part in this trip will be driving their own cars on this world famous race track. Imagine the excitement of learning how to be an expert driver in your new car and then finding out what your new Volvo can do on the course.

Here are the highlights of what this incredible trip offers:

Saturday, April 21st - U.S. departure on Scandinavian Airlines. 2 tickets in Economy Flex class are included in the purchase of this trip (only the international portion of the flight is Economy Flex, it is NOT offered on the domestic portion)

Sunday. April 22nd - Individual arrivals to Goteborg, Sweden. Customers will be picked up at the airport and drove to the SAS Scandinavia hotel in downtown Goteborg.

Monday, April 23rd

am - VIP delivery at the Volvo Factory Delivery Center and a delicious Swedish meatball lunch.

pm - board the ferry in Goteborg which takes customers to Kiel in northern Germany. This is the most comfortable way to get to continental Europe as we will provide a 2 bed cabin and the customers will arrive rested the following morning. Dinner will also be served on-board and hosted by Volvo Overseas Delivery Management.

Tuesday, April 24th

am - the ferry arrives in Kiel and customers begin their exhilarating drive on the Autobahn to Cologne. The Autobahn is one of the few freeways in the world where FREE SPEED is still allowed (unless a speed limit is posted). Customers should drive at the speed they are comfortable with, and take time to watch the scenery. The group will not drive in a caravan. Maps and detailed directions will be provided.

pm - individual arrivals in Cologne. Stay at a local 4 star hotel.

Wednesday, April 25th

am - drive to Nurburgring where customers will begin their driving school adventure after lunch. This is what will happen that afternoon:

12:00 - 1:00 pm Lunch in the Fahrsicherheitszentrum
1:00 - 2:00 pm theoretical briefing about driving dynamics
2:00 - 2:15 pm correct adjustment of drivers seat and steering techniques
2:15 - 5:15 pm driving round bends, breaking on slopes, interception of a slinging car, ABS-breaking

pm - stay the night at a local hotel, a group dinner is included.

Thursday, April 26th

am - Customers continue their driving experience at the Nurburgring track:

7:30 - 8:00 am going to the race track and creating the different groups
8:00 - 12:00 am section training "Mercedes-Arena
section training "Michelin-curve/Bit-curve
section training "NGK-chicane /Coca Cola-curve
guided tour through the terrain of the Nürburgring
12:00 - 1:00 pm guided driving and free training
1:00 - 2:00 pm Lunch at the Dorint-Restaurant
2:00 - 2:30 pm debriefing, handing out of the diplomas and dismissal

pm - drive back to Cologne and stay the night at a local hotel.

Friday, April 27th

am - Scenic drive to the city of Hamburg and spend the night at a local hotel.

Saturday, April 28th

am - Check out from the hotel and the trip ends. The customers can choose to drop off the car for home shipment in Hamburg ($105 euros charge) or continue the European vacation on their own. The Overseas Delivery Program also offers customers the opportunity to fly back to the US from any Volvo drop-off city.

This amazing package has an approximate retail value of $10,000 but will be offered through the Volvo Overseas Delivery program for only $3,495 for 2 people. Below is a quick summary of what is included in this excellent offer:
• 2 round trip tickets in Economy Flex Class on Scandinavian Airlines including access to SAS lounges in the U.S.
• 1 night at the 4-star SAS Scandinavia hotel in Goteborg, Sweden including breakfast.
• Ferry ride from Goteborg to Kiel including 2 bed port hole cabin, dinner and breakfast.
• 5 nights at premium hotels in Germany.
• Pick-up at the airport in Goteborg, Sweden.
• VIP delivery at the Factory Delivery Center in Goteborg, Sweden.
• Delicious Swedish meatball lunch.

For customers to be able to drive their own cars on the track Volvo will be arranging for additional insurance, as well as replacement tires and brake pads.

A copy of valid U.S. identification on both travelers must be submitted with the order. The offer is only valid for two (2) and participants must be a minimum of 21 years old. There will be no refunds.

Please note: Volvo Overseas Delivery reserves the right to cancel this trip if the minimum attendance requirements are not met. In such a case the deposit may be returned.

The total deposit you must submit with the order is $5,495.

As it is not possible to submit a custom order for this trip any longer, you must now choose a car from our stock list to participate in this trip. So, you not only do they get to take this dream trip of a lifetime, you get an additional savings on the car as well.

Please contact me about the few remaining spots and vehicles available for the special Overseas Delivery Program - Nurburgring Spring Trip.

William Marks
Overseas Delivery Coordinator
Lawrence Volvo
Walnut Creek, CA

ps There are a few S60 R sedans and V70 R wagons among the pre-built vehicles.