I think I screwed up good this time. I took all the great information from this site and tried to replace the bulbs in my climate control unit myself. Disconnected the battery, took out the unit, disconnected its wires, replaced bulbs. So far, so good. Reconnected the unit's wires, put it back in place, reconnected battery, turned on car - no power to climate control unit. No lights, no air flow, nothing. So, I pulled it apart again thinking that I must not have connected one of the climate control unit wires properly. But foolishly, I did not disconnect the battery that second time. Sure enough, I got the air bag error message - but still no power to the climate control unit.

I am cooked on this one or what? The dealer wanted $45 for the bulbs, and another $45 to install them - I figured, "ah, I'll save the $45 installation and just do it myself." So I bought the bulbs for $45, and now I am really worried that the remainder is not something I am going to be able to fix - either myself or for less than $45 at the dealer.

What do I do? 1) Is there anything I can do to get power back to my climate control unit? I've searched this site and tried disconnecting the battery again, holding wires together, locking and locking with the key only, the key fob - you name it. I've also checked all fuses and they look OK. Any thought?
2) Is the dealer the only one who can reset the air bag error code? How much is that? Does the air bag still work even with the code out there?

Thanks for your help.