Below is a sample of photos taken during a recent two day trip to this incredibly stunning area of Southern Alberta. Naturally, the XC took it all in stride and made the 800 km trip feel like a drive around the block.

Since this would be our inaugural visit to the park, we decided to make it a memorable one by including an 8.7 km (5.4 miles) scramble up to Crypt Lake, considered to be one of the top rated hiking trails in Canada. The hike starts with a 15 minute water taxi ride across Waterton Lake to the trail head. Elevation gain is 2,220 ft and max elevation is 6,420 ft. The Crypt Lake hike offers breathtaking views including four waterfalls.

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Waterton Lakes National Park is a 518 square kilometer reserve located in the southwestern corner of Alberta, bounded on the west by the crest of the Great Divide, on the south by the Canada-U.S. border, and on the north and east by the rolling prairies of southern Alberta.
Iíve documented the entire trip in the following albums:

Trip To Waterton Lakes National Park

Hike Up To Crypt Lake