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Thread: Scraping noise

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    Default Scraping noise

    1998 XC70 with about 67,000 miles on it, makes a rhythmic scraping, repetitive noise, tracks with the speed. Keeps up while braking. But the noise stops when accelerating. Not present when the car isn't moving. It has happened the last two times the car was driven. Starts after the car has run a while. At first I thought we picked up some debris but it went away and came back. It's significant enough that I don't want to drive the distance to get it fixed until I know if it will leave me stranded. Any thoughts. Sorry, also posted this to visitor messages before I figured out how to get here.
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    Axle? Brake shield? I would put it up on jackstands and turn each wheel by hand while listening, hopefully that will help you pinpoint the issue.

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    Could be a sticking caliper or the wheel bearings.

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