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    Since its now 2011. Is there is a new preferred tire option to replace the stock Pirellis ?
    I do not need all seasons as I am running winter tires right now and want to run summer/rain tires the rest of the year.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Tire Size

    I presently have GY 215/65/16 triple treads that are due for replacement Can I use the 235/60/16 on my 2003 XC70? (all 4) I realize my spare could be an issue if I needed to utilize since it is a 215/65/16. Speedometer issues? It may give more choices in tires?

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    In one brand/model of tire, the 215/65R16 has a diameter of about 27", while the 235/60R16 has a diameter of about 27.1" not enough to worry about diameter. The only consideration is width and rubbing on the fender.

    Here's how tire sizes work: the first number is the section width in mm. The next number is the aspect ratio - the ratio between section width and sidewall height. Finally, you've got the rim diameter.

    So, you can do this yourself...235 MM x .60 = 141MM. So, two sidewalls of 141 MM and a rim of 16", and you end up with 26.7 there are some manufacturing variances..and variances from the diameter of the rim compared to the rim on which it was originally measured, but you'll get close...
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    I love my Nokian's . Best dedicated studded snow tire I have ever used. Can't say the same for the "Green" Nokians though! The WR3 studded tires are a bit loud in the spring time 80 degrees f and they cut groves into my concrete garage floor, but otherwise getting 4 spare rims from the local salvage yard was one of the best decisions to date!!! Shop around and order them early, cause no one has them on the shelf!! And yes it's a bit of a pain switching tires, but the difference in real snow and on ice is insane!!!!

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    Did you note the last post was in 2011?
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