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    Default Need test of x3 vs xc70

    Friend just did NOT follow my advice, bought the x3, I need some good reviews/test between them :-)
    Got a 03 XC70 D5 :-)))

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soft
    Friend just did NOT follow my advice, bought the x3, I need some good reviews/test between them :-)
    Let him drive yours and feel and see the difference
    2008 V70 2.4 Classic Sports Edition

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    I'm not aware of any side-by-side test between the XC70 and the X3. But when I was shopping for a new car, both were on my short list, and I did an extensive comparison between them, with several long test drives. In short, these were my personal findings:

    1. The X3 handles better (sharper) than the XC70

    2. The XC70 is much more comfortable for long distances. This is for several reasons: better seats, more comfortable suspension, more interior room. In fact, the X3 is not comfortable at all in this respect.

    3. The interior of the XC70 gives a better impression than the X3. The X3 looks a bit small, and the quality of the materials used doesn't look that good (this is subjective of course)

    4. Performance wize, the XC70 D5 (2006/185hp version) is somewhere between the X3 2.0D and 3.0D (I assume you are interested in diesels, given your profile). This is reasonable, because the 3.0D is in fact a bit overkill for this type of car (it's not a sports car after all)

    So, in conclusion, the X3 is more fun to drive for short distances, but the XC70 is more comfortable for longer distances. Since I regularly drive >500km per day, this was the most important factor that made me chose for the XC70. BMW tried very hard to ensure a sharp handling of the X3 despite its high center of gravity, and as a consequence they chose for a very stiff suspension, punishing the driver and passengers for anything imperfect on the road.
    In addition, the X3 looks and feels a bit cheaper than the XC70 and offers less space. So, I would say that the XC70 offers better value for the money, if you don't care about the badge of the car.
    Somehow, the X3 in 3.0D version comes as close as possible to a mix between a sports car and a SUV. Therefore, it might be an interestion option for people who think that such a mix makes sense. I think the mix between a versatile break and an SUV makes more sense...

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