Just a few notes and suggestions on some items I've been meaning to mention in no particular order. Yes this should be posted in the News forum but I want to make sure everyone reads this.

1. Use the search function before starting a new thread. This will help to keep the database organized and easier to use. When searching, be sure to select a wide time frame in the “Search From” fields to ensure you’re not missing some of the older threads.

2. Keep your profiles up to date. This information is not only interesting to other users but can also help members post more relevant information. For instance, location is especially useful.

3. As mentioned in a previous post, you must now be a forum member in order to view the Off-Topic forums. This is in an effort to provide a slightly more private environment for members to discuss more personal topics.

4. Send your avatars to me for upload and I’ll optimize and upload to this server instead of linking to them off-site. This will help to speed up download speeds by minimizing the number of server connections.

5. Post your XC related photos in the Photo Galleries (in the GUESTS UPLOAD HERE gallery), then link to the images from your posts using the [ img]image URL[ /img] (no spaces) tags. I’m going to start phasing out the file attachment feature soon in an effort to save on bandwidth and the photo gallery software is more strict as to file sizes. This will also help to keep the photo repository more organized.

6. When linking to the Galleries, link only to the actual image (jpg) file, not the php page. The pages are generated dynamically and do change when new galleries are added.

7. Though I have and will let a few slide here and there, generally speaking the Photo Galleries are for XC related photos only.

8. When posting your photos to the Galleries, be sure to add your forum screen name, a short title, description and a few relevant keywords so future users can find your photos more easily.

9. And last but not least, as a courtesy to the members who have taken the time to respond to your questions and comments, please take the time to check back on your previous threads and give thanks where it's due

If you have any questions or comments, as always feel free to email me at [email protected] or you can PM me.