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    Default private owner is shipping xc70 to the netherlands


    I got a question:
    I am considering buying a 2005 xc70 in the USA (where I live right now).
    I intend to bring it to the netherlands sometime in the future.
    Does anybody know if I need to make any changes to the car once I am there, in order to get it registered?

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    Lightbulb Here is quite a bit to be getting on with for the mo

    The rules that apply to the importation of your car (or motorbike) are the same as those for the importation of your other personal belongings. That means:
    -You need a licence to register the vehicle in the Netherlands tax-free. On entering the Netherlands you have to declare your car (or motorbike) to Customs. Like your other personal belongings, you must specify your car on the Single Administrative Document (SAD - Enig Document) form. You will also have to take a few specific measures before you can drive your car in the Netherlands. The procedures for importing your car and for the inspection of your vehicle and the lodging of the car tax (BPM) declaration are separate. It is advisable to submit the import declaration, to have your vehicle inspected and to submit the BPM declaration as soon as possible.

    Vehicle registration certificate
    If you bring your car into the Netherlands from any non-EU country like the states, you are not allowed to drive it straight away. You must first obtain a Dutch vehicle registration certificate. This requires a technical inspection by the National Vehicle Administration Agency (RDW Centrum voor vervoertechniek en informatie). At the RDW inspection point, you will receive a declaration form for car (BPM) tax. You must submit several copies of this form to a customs office where BPM declarations can be lodged. The vehicle registration certificate will then be sent to you automatically. You are, however, responsible for obtaining registration plates yourself. You can do this at a recognised garage. It is advisable to have your car inspected and to lodge your BPM declaration as soon as possible.
    Motor vehicle tax
    You must pay motor vehicle tax as soon as your car is registered in the Netherlands. Once your name has been placed on the vehicle registration certificate, this also serves as a motor vehicle tax declaration. The Tax and Customs Administration (Belastingdienst) will then send you a giro collection slip.
    You are also obliged to insure your car or motorcycle. You must at least take out third party insurance for it. An insurance company can arrange this for you.


    Following your entry into the Netherlands your goods must be declared to Customs. You can obtain a SAD form from the customs office in the area where you will be living (call the customs taxline on 0800-0143). It is advisable to submit your import declaration as soon as possible. Your tax exemption ends after 12 months.

    You need a licence to import your personal belongings into the Netherlands tax-free. You can apply for a licence at the customs office in the area where you will be living (call the customs taxline on 0800-0143). It is advisable to apply for this licence well before moving to the Netherlands. With your application you must also submit a list of all the goods you wish to bring into the Netherlands.Licences are issued subject to the following conditions:-You must have been resident in a non-EU country for at least 12 months.-During that 12-month period you must have been resident in the non-EU country for at least 185 days because you worked there and your family lived there.-The goods must have been in your possession for at least six months and must have been used in the non-EU country.-Following your move to the Netherlands, your belongings may not be lent out, pledged, leased or sold for 12 months. This term commences on the date that Customs accepts your import declaration. If you wish to do so anyway, you must first inform the customs authorities in the area where you live. They will then decide whether you have to pay taxes. NB If you have worked or studied in a non-EU country and your family lived in the Netherlands during that period, you will be considered to have been resident in the Netherlands for customs purposes. This may mean that you will not receive a licence and cannot take your personal belongings with you tax-free.

    You may bring pets into the Netherlands only if they are not intended to be traded or sold.
    Dogs and cats
    If you wish to bring your dog or cat with you when moving to the Netherlands, it needs a pet passport. To obtain one, you must have your pet examined by a recognised vet in the country you are moving from.The passport contains the following information:-a statement from the vet (in Dutch, English, French or German) that your pet has been vaccinated with an approved vaccine against rabies;-a statement from the vet that your pet does not show any signs of clinical diseases;-the date of vaccination;-your petís description including its breed, sex, age, colour and type of fur and its marks;-the name of the owner.

    NB Your dog or cat must have been vaccinated at least 30 days and no more than one year before your move. Bear in mind that applying for a passport will take some time. You should therefore contact your vet no later than 10 days before your move. If you do not have a pet passport, your dog or cat will be vaccinated upon entering the country, after which it will have to remain in quarantine for 30 days.
    Other animals
    For a few other animals you need a health certificate. This applies in any event to birds, horses, cows (and other ungulates), ferrets, mink and foxes. You can obtain one from a recognised vet in the country you are moving from.It is prohibited to bring certain animals into the Netherlands. Parrots and parrot-like birds (e.g. parakeets) cannot be brought if they come from one of the following countries: Argentina, Colombia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Brazil, Senegal, Thailand, East Timor or Paraguay. You do not need a health certificate or passport for other animals, such as rabbits, hares and fishes Ė you can bring these animals with you without having to take special measures.

    If you are bringing alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, company cars or professional equipment with you, you must always pay taxes.

    And that is about it - good luck.

    Personally speaking if you want to save time and money you can book your shipping container direct with the line and pay them for discharge in the Netherland with onward to your door, this will save you quite a bit of money. Once your goods arrive in the Netherlands employ the services of a shipping agent, sometimes called a broker or agent. They will smooth the passage of your goods thru customs and pay local charges like quay rent, demurrage. You cannot ship any personal effects in your car at all. With regards to the movement of your car I would suggest you use the services of a RoRo (roll-on roll-off) ship/ferry, similar to how Volvo move their cars around the World. Sailing times and shipping points around the states are well spread out, I think you you could get out thru CA. but there are other points like Charleston etc. Sailing times are around 22 days from Cali and then the ship goes around the coast up to NY and straight over to the UK and then in the Netherlands.

    If you have any other questions PM me and I will advise you as best I can, I have only been doing this for 20 odd years so I have most answers on the tip of my tongue, also if you want to fly your stuff I can advise you on that as well.

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    Default XC70 to The Netherlands

    You should not need any modifications to your car. I am an American living in the Nehterlands and work with many expats who bring cars from the states. All cars 1996 and newer must have side light blinkers behind the front bumper. This is the number one thing that many US cars dont have. You already have it. The other item is your VIN has to be stamped on the frame. You will also have that. The only other item that they have on cars in Europe that is different is a very bright fog light inside your left brake light. My XC70 came with it but I am not sure if yours will. It is not something they make you change if it is not on your car...


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