I've grizzled about this before but -

I find the search facility somewhat lacking in logic or power. For example I wanted to find the VC / Haldex comparison thread.

I searched on we did our own. No matches, but got castigated for using common words.
I put the string in quotes "we did our own" No matches either

Hmm - who posted on that thread, Mr. Weslake? Lots of hits, not that one - but found a reference "mas71"

Bullseye "we did our own awd tests". Gotcha.

So why did my search not work with a partial title? Why did the engine reject my string??

I'm really enquiring
(1) Do I expect too much?
(2) Am I doing it wrong?
(3) Is it broken as designed?

I also wonder if newbies try to use it and don't get anywhere so ask the same question again, and again, and again.

Anybody got any comments?