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    Red face Strange noise bweteen 40-60kph

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    Hello to all,
    My 2003 XC (102.000km) recently started to make a strange noise when driving. When I turned to the left, the noise disappeared. I took it to the dealer and they changed both wheel bearings in the rear end of the car without charging me, as well as one of the back shock absorbers. Everything was good for about one week, then a similar wheel bearing noise again showed up, this time the sound did not go away when I did left or right turns. It is constantly present between 40 and 60kmh, also when the car is put into neutral. When the speed goes below 35kmh, the sound goes away. So, back to the dealer. This time they changed both front wheel bearings and no cost and told me that if the sound was still present, the problem would have to be related to the tires. Well, the sound was still there and I changed them to my softer winter tires. The sound was reduced in intensity, maybe by 50% or something but it is still clearly present. The sound itself sometimes sounds like the wind noise you get when driving in 120kmh, except that I get it when driving in 40kmh instead, but I am sure that it is not wind noise. Sometimes another noise component is added, a slight minor metallic, scraping and sometimes humming noise, especially when I have been driving the car for an hour or so. Sometimes, when the sound is at it loudest, I can fell a slight, very slight, vibration in the steering wheel and gas pedal.
    It sounds like a bad wheel bearing, but since all 4 of them are new they should not be a part of the problem. The dealer in Sandefjord here in Norway is very friendly, but they simply can't figure out what's wrong. We love our car, but this problem is really annoying. Ideas anyone?
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    Du skal ikke kjpe s dyr bil :-)
    Got a 03 XC70 D5 :-)))

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