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    Thumbs down Brake Pedal Position Sensor failure as bad as ETM

    ECM 9400 error code from Vadis
    ECM-9400 code points to the Brake Pedal Position Sensor which delivers faulty signal. It has

    a bad engineering design similar to that of ETM. The following pictures shows the cause of

    failure. The sensor is a potentiometer resistance element. It has a wiper to wear a painted

    resistance stripe. There will be million times movement for the wiper on this strip and it

    will cause potentiometer to fail.

    The sensor parts# is 9441116 and dealer charges $88 for it and 0.2 hour labor to install it.
    This could be a potential recall too. It belongs to ABS control system as some one pointed

    out. refer
    I had this sensor failure starting from 43K miles and 5 year. The engine light went on and

    off for period of time. The message board said "Engine System Service Required". I think the

    message really did not tell me anything about the problem. The vadis later show the error

    code. Since I fixed the sensor, I never see this problem again.
    If you have same problem in your car, I can help you to fix the sensor. Contact me at

    [email protected]

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    Default Wow - The Same design

    Looks like virtually the same design and issue as the TBM. I can't believe we go again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tgrumaj
    Looks like virtually the same design and issue as the TBM. I can't believe we go again.
    Perhaps this isn't as bad as the ETM module. It appears that this device can be easily repaired judging from the write-up that Achvia did (BTW, nice write-up on the repair of the pedal position sensor) Thx!

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    Your "how to" write up is outstanding. Many thanks. I was able to service my old brake pedal sensor just as you outlined. However, I made the mistake of cracking the case while trying to uncap the unit.

    I was unaware of the crack (very small) until I re-installed the sensor and fired up the engine. My vacuum pump began running intermittantly after engine shut-down. It sounded like an electric shaver going on and off-- lasting for about two minutes.

    Apparently, that small crack caused enough leak to trigger the vacuum pump (even after engine shut-down) to maintain negative pressure in the booster.

    I wound up buying a new brake pedal sensor and the vacuum pump problem fixed itself.

    To make a long story short-- Be careful not to crack the case when servicing the sensor. I hope my experience helps someone else with similar problems.

    Paul Cameron

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    Can anyone point me in the direction of Achvia's "how to' procedure?
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    I now this is a really old thread but.... Is it possible for brake pedal position sensor fails and don't report an error?? I am asking because I have strange problem with my brakes and I must try with parts elimination. Can someone send me tutorial or something to see the procedure od sensor cleaning? Thanks a lot.

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