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    Default Paintless dent removal

    I received an estimate today to remove some door dings. The estimate was reasonable, but I was disturbed by the fact that the inside of the door would need to be drilled since Volvo has steel bars in the door. The hole will not be noticeable, however, I was worried if it would cause a problem in the future. The repairman said it would not since he would be sealing the plug with silicon. Has anyone else used paintless dent removal?

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    Does this count?

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    Even though my brother is a superb body guy with 30 years experience, I used the paintless dent removal guy on a few dings on cars in the past. One was a giant dent in the middle of the door of a midnight blue car. It was amazing how well he did, I couldn't see it. Sometimes they do have to make tool access holes. I had one taken out of the rear quarter panel of our subaru, and he had to drill a hole in the inner fender and then plug it. That didn't bother me.

    If you saw the inner door of the XC, you would see that it's almost a solid sheet, with only a couple of access holes for the electrical harness and door lock cable. He probably means that he needs to make a hole in the panel(?) I wouldn't worry about it. I made more holes in mine to mount different speakers and crossovers, and filled them with screws.
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    I managed to dent a rear passenger door trying to close the door with my knee when I had my hands full. A local paintless dent repair guy recommended by my dealer repaired it and the dent was undetectable.

    He had to drill a small hole on the hinge side of the door, and then plugged it with a rubber plug. If I hadn't known, I would have assumed the rubber plug belonged there.
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    Thanks for all your help. I will try the plunger method and if that doesn't work, I will have to resort to an expert I will let you know how it works out.

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    Lightbulb Be careful with the plunger

    Quote Originally Posted by anna123
    Thanks for all your help. I will try the plunger method and if that doesn't work, I will have to resort to an expert I will let you know how it works out.
    If I may, try the stronger black rubber plunger!! And don't ever ever use Drano or Mr Plumber !!!

    Joke aside, I had some door dents removed by a fellow XC's (volvoXC member snowXCrazy) and he didn't have to drill any hole. He used some kind of spacer that he put on top of the rolled down window and with special tools he worked easily down the door panel.
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    Hi, I tried the Drano and that didn't work (it might explain the oxidized cladding The "Dent Wizard" or whatever they call their company did try the spacer through the window and that would work for one dimple, but I have two that are right near the door handle and I think that is why he will have to drill. I swear they were not there before I picked the car up from the dealer. Door dings drive me crazy, so I checked the car very thoroughly before we bought it. Interestingly, when we picked it up, it was with a section of cars parked like sardines, ready for delivery. I wonder how careful they are after a sale. I was doing the paperwork, while my husband picked up the car. Had I noticed it then, I would never had taken it off the lot.

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    Default Paintless dent services

    Paintless dent removal is an excellent alternative to a body shop. But as with all trades, there are good and poor technicians. My brother-in-law has been in the trade in the midwest for about 10 years, and is a master technician. Just watching him work is incredible.

    He frequently has to drill small holes in edges of doors or behind corner lights to gain access to pull the dent. These holes are typically 1/8" to 1/4", and are not in structural locations. When he is done, he touches the exposed metal edges with a sealant, and installs a rubber plug. No one will ever see it, but he takes pride in his work, and is highly regarded by several insurance companies.

    He has commented that sports cars, convertibles, and Volvos are some of his most difficult cars to work on, due to increased internal bracing inside the doors and body panels. Good for safety, not so good for access behind the panels.

    He also told me how to select a dent technician, should I ever need one (or I could fly him out to the Pacific Northwest). Two criteria: first is a personal recommendations from a trusted shop. Second is the condition of the worker's vehicle. What would you presume about someone who works on dents pulling up in a car that desperately needs cosmetic attention (primer, dents, etc)? Just like a mechanic who's car belches smoke and has a rough idle. Next!

    Door handles, door pillars, and corners are the most difficult areas to repair. The center of larger panels (doors, roof, hood, fenders, rear hatch) are typically the easiest.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ifnt420
    Does this count?

    WOW....I'd by that for a dollar.
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    Default Rear Passenger door ding/dent repair


    spent a couple of hours yesterday afternoon working on some dents/dings on the rear passenger doors and had pretty good success with two methods, dyi.

    first, used a $4.95 suction device from autozone on a dent on the flat/lower part of the passenger side rear door. worked pretty well and it is hard to see the original damage unless you hold your mouth right, bend over, and the sun is in the right position. a small amount of turtle wax, lightly applied, remove the red paint from the offending a**hole's car that did the damage.

    second, used one of the $20 glue/pop devices. used this on the vertically creased dings located right on the curved, top section of both rear passenger doors. had to apply the hot glue about ten times on each side, used graduated pressure (tighten the screw in increments and wait 30 seconds each increment), but eventually the passenger side door is almost invisible while the driver side rear door is still noticable but better. driver side rear was much deeper ding than passenger rear.

    living in a remote, mountainous area of new mexico, paintless dent repair is not a readily available option. going to denver area over thanksgiving:


    i agree with one of the forum writers that noted he never owned a car that seemed to attract door dents/dings like the crosscountry.

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