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    My 08 XC70 started squeeking just last week - coming from the cargo area. Read on another forum ( I think it was the European car forum?) that others were having similar noises in thier Volvo XC90 models. One owner found the problem was coming from the tailgate latch (2 centering plastic plugs either side of the latch). The owner sprayed latch with silicone.
    I greased my latch with Vaseline - it worked - no more squeeking from the cargo area.
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    If you've narrowed it down to the rear hatch look (carefully) at the actual latch, the portion attached to the tailgate
    See if it's worn on the inside or outside edges.
    First try a liberal use of thick grease on the latch.
    If that fixes it or helps a lot, you may need a new latch
    It may just need an adjustment but I've had a couple that only a new lock replacement fixed it.

    I just had a frustrating one.
    The 04 V70 I bought for myself but sold it instead (last May) had this awful squeak that no one could fix.
    The friend I sold it to gave it back to me three times until we finially found what was wrong.
    The bushing that went between the bolt that held the back seats together was cracked so every time the left rear seat was up, it created these awful noises that were really tough to find. (sounds in the rear travel).
    Yours though sounds like the hatch latch itself, either worn or out of adjustment
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    The noise can drive you crazy when you are trying to identify the source. I am trying to hunt the culprit and so happy when it was apprehended. Lol.

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    Please keep posting on any solutions you come across. I love the XC but those squeaks have been persisting for too many years. I recently removed every interior panel from the back seats onwards. All to no avail. The XC has become my daily driver as our Avalon was stolen last week (grr) so i'd love to reslve this once and for all.
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