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    Default 2005 OSD - Ordering Assessories

    I am picking up OSD an XC70 on 4/4/05. The dealer in Seattle has a standard assessories chart he is reading from, and says there are no other special orders or extras. Has anyone ordered an 2004 or 2005 XC70 and been able to pick special options or features individually.

    For example, I see on old posts to this web site that some people ordered for $25 a 12V receptical in the back.

    Any advice on ordering OSD for 2005?


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    Default FDC options

    With the exception of a special on floor & cargo mat set, prices for ACCESSORIES at the FDC were all higher for our XC90 than the internet parts pricing here in the U.S. from a number of Volvo dealers. The links shown below are for the ones we found the best (& fairly similar) pricing from. If you are a member of the Volvo Owners Club of America, your local dealer's parts discount of 15-20% might yield similar pricing.

    Of course any OPTIONS that could be installed as part of the build of the car, like heated seats, parking assist, etc., would best be ordered as part of your car order, as opposed to "added" at the FDC, or even purchased here as parts and installed later. Example: Mud flaps: $40/pair installed (included with car order), nearly $100/pair at FDC, $28/pair internet price + installation here.

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