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    Default Newbie Here -- Insight on buying an 04 V70

    Just looking for tips to get myself a new 04 V70 (xc if I can afford it). We're thinking brand spanking new ... but if we can get a great deal on a used car then maybe ... any advice/tips on how to land the best deal on one?

    We're looking for basic options: metalic paint, leather interior, moonroof ... other packages look good buy looking to keep pricing down.

    When does the 05 line hit -- maybe we could wait until closeout??

    Sorry this is a lame posting ... but need any insight

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    My suggestion don't wait too long because here in the SF bay area closeout of 2004 has started and I would say has almost ended. It won't become any better than now to buy a 2004 model in this area. The XC models are currently offered with $9000 off msrp. We bought our XC three weeks ago for the same deal, by then there were still a lot of them on the lot. I just checked the inventory of my dealer but the number of 2004 XCs is getting less and less. My five cents don't wait too long!
    B.t.w. a good reference site to see the price developments is
    Good luck!

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