I have a 3.2 XC70 and the Left Driver's side Headlamp assembly needs replacing. The plastic was very scratched up and I was considering getting the 3M lexan polishing kit but I noticed today, after replacing the low beam bulb, that the wire insulation leading to the H11 bulb was disintegrating.

Also, my owner's manual lists the replacement bulbs as such: Bi-Xenon H7, Low Beam H7, High Beam H7. But both assemblies use an H11 bulb.

The Right headlamp assembly was replaced at the dealer by the previous owner (for a crack) and the sticker lists model: 31214356 (H9, H11, H21W, W5W)

The Left assembly is: 31214355 (H9, H11, H21W, W5W)

A halogen Volvo OEM assembly is about $518 from Volvo Parts Webstore; Parts Geek has Depo brand halogen for $213.

Anyone have advice on how to proceed to get the best lighting at night? Is there a better H11 bulb than a standard halogen that might give better results with the OEM assembly? Is OEM preferred over something like the Depo brand? Can a Xenon assembly replace both stock units?