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    Default A/C blows hot, clutch engages & has charge

    Hi Folks,

    I'm hoping there is a flow diverter or other issue that might be user serviceable.

    The a/c compressor clutch engages, the a/c system is charged according to the gauge on the can of freon I bought to recarge it with - ended up not needing filled at all.

    There aren't any weird noises coming from the compressor.

    The air just blows at ambient temperature, not cold at all. My wife drives this car, and reported that it would be cold sometimes and not others and finally just settled on never being cold.

    Thank you for any thoughts you have. - Jon

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    It's likely the solenoid valve.

    My 2008 Volvo XC-90 had a similar problem. It would blow cold-ish only after about 15 minutes (as long as takes to get anywhere I need to go).

    I had the whole compressor replaced by a repair shop for $$$$ and it lasted about as long as the warranty allowed and then back to exactly the same problem. The system never loses an ounce of refrigerant but the pressures show up all wrong on the gauge because the valve is stuck and won't open.

    The solenoid valve is significantly cheaper than the whole compressor. It's easy to reach without removing anything and you just need snap ring pliers to get it out. You have to be able to evacuate the system and pull vacuum to do it though.

    I'm pissed that I let a shop do the whole compressor the first time. They replaced the Volvo one with an unmarked part and the solenoid valve that I pulled out of it was missing a piece that the new one I ordered had, looks like a filter screen that probably prevents stuff from jamming up the valve.

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