I am neck deep in the major issue Volvo has built with this MY vehicle.

Bought from Volvo dealer used, 1 previous owner who had from new, made sure I had all service history records as well (sold new, serviced and traded at the same dealer).

Purchased just after the 70k service, the first sign of issues was the car asking to add a quart of oil, added not thinking much (didn't know the compounding failures Volvo designed).

Started researching, found out about the oil consumption issue and went back to the dealer with this info (I had found the TJ and repair from Volvo). Long story short, using the service history of the vehicle and the fact that they (dealer) knew this model was an issue because they had performed the piston/rings work before, they got Volvo to cough up the bulk $7k of the $8500 for the repair) as a gesture of good faith with no warranty. That was May 22.

Bought 6 months ago I got a check engine light, OBD pulled misfire cylinder 1 with the most common fix being spark plugs and ignition coils. Checking service history I found an entry of plug replacement at 40k (Volvo TJ based) and another change at the regular 60k miles. Light cleared, thought I was grand.

Last week we got the reduced engine performance turtle, very rough running. Turtle cleared after car warmed up some. Same P0301 code, knowing I had put coils in I was a little baffled so booked it into my private Volvo service shop (ex-Volvo & BMW mechanics) and asked for a diagnosis. Got through the list, they pulled plugs and they looked in bad shape, but moved coils and plugs around cylinders and issue didn't follow. Eventually did a compression check and found cylinder 1 was passing 20% vs around 5% for the rest indicating burnt valve.

Quote (Volvo quote) is $8k for a cylinder head replacement.

Currently getting back in touch with the dealer as they had to pull the head to do rings and pistons and even with basic combustion engine knowledge, I would expect them to inspect the head as well in case of other damage from the oil consumption issue.

I'm so over this car and it's issues that Volve knows about, designed, and are ignoring or walking away from. I was very lucky first time around but I'm not as confident this time around. Current KBB value is around $23k in current mileage but I couldn't sell in this condition.

Looking at the cost to do a valve job only (not full cylinder) but unless it's 75% cheaper than the cylinder (unlikely) then I'm at a loss.