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    Default 2011 XC70 No Start - Good Battery

    My wife's 2011 XC70 (3.2) was parked by her last night - working fine. This morning she tries to start it and it doesn't turn over. I took the battery out today, had it tested, also put it on a charge for a few hours - no issues with the battery. I put it back in the car and tried to start, normal dash lights come on, it makes the normal initial sound but doesn't turn over at all.

    What else should I be checking on it?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Hello. Sorry,just saw this post. I would question if the positive cable that is going to the starter has a blown fuse. Usually car would make a clicking sound of the starter solenoid ,but will not turn the engine due to lack of 12v. Volvo sells a repair piece which has a new fuse and will need to be crimped to the older cable.

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