Hi, I'm hoping someone can help me with what years and model cars have rear carriers that fit my 2010 XC70 3.2. Most salvage yards list compatible cars but they are not always the same and Volvo's parts site lists many more that have the same part number. The reason I don't trust the Volvo site is the replacement rear is a reconditioned one that is ordered by Vin #. For example Volvo says a 2012 XC60 rear is the same part # but salvage yards interchange number is different and have told me it won't fit. Does anyone know what really will interchange as there are more 2011 and 2012 lower miles rears than 2008-2010? The rear on my car failed due to the large steel plug for the Haldex (looks like a freeze plug) fell out and it dumped the oil and ruined everything including the case. My car has just over 100k and I don't want to put a high milage rear in it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks