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    Default Battery Questions

    My Volvo Wagon is sitting in my garage with a dead battery.

    My husband handled the cars but he passed away a few months ago, so now I'm sitting here trying to figure out what to do.

    AAA will come to my home and replace it for around $177.99 with a 3 year warranty. This price does not include sales/EPA taxes and possible labor charges.

    Do you think this is a fair price?

    Will my Volvo require a battery registration reset?

    Are there any questions I should ask before I agree to the installation?

    I appreciate your advice.


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    Have you had AAA out to try boosting the car followed by a drive to charge the battery? Or if there is a battery charger that you could connect to charge the battery?
    Do you know why the battery went? Sitting to long, lights left on? If that then a boost and driving or charging the battery could be your fix.

    Don't know if you have a local garage/service place that you used but calling them for a price on battery replacement would be a way of comparing for the AAA work. AAA should be able to tow it to them if you go that way.

    A car of your age would not need any battery reset after replacement.

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    Most cars and trucks built in the last 20 or 30
    years have systems that consume small amounts
    of power whether the key is on or not. If your car
    hasn't run for more than a month or so, a dead
    battery is to be expected.

    In your position, I would charge the battery before
    making any decisions. The age of the battery is also
    worth taking into consideration. There should be an
    indication of the installation date in the form of date
    "dots" on the batteries label.

    If you plan to keep this car, but not drive it a lot,
    using a small maintenance charger is advised.

    Confirming that there's enough electrolyte in the
    battery is another thing to consider with an older
    battery. There are a number of helpful videos on
    Youtube that will give you plenty of information
    about checking fluid levels and topping the 6 cells
    in the battery up with distilled water.

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