Hello, problem- the rear axle does not turn on after kicking in the snow.

The Haldex pump, while the car is started for the first time and not moved, turns on and causes oil pressure to rise a little (up to 1MPa), it receives current. When the car starts moving, it throws an error on the dashboard and several errors in VIDA (BCM and DEM module do not connect (BCM-0095), Haldex pump pressure and signal errors (DEM-0006, DEM-0007) and the rear axle goes on vacation.
I also noticed that the DEM module does not show the speed of one wheel, the other three wheels are fine, and the BCM module shows the speeds of all 4 wheels. Meaning DEM does not get one wheel speed from BCM module

The question, is there a separate wire for each wheel speed from the BCM to the DEM (if so, maybe you accidentally have info which ones) or does modules see the speeds of all four wheels through a couple of wires? If it's a couple of wires, then "kaput" for the DEM module?

XC90, 2006, 136kw, D5