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    Default 2011 xc70 a/c blend door actuator

    My wife drives the xc70 and reports that the a/c sometimes is cold, but usually not. The clutch is engaging and disengaging when turning the a/c on and off, the compressor sounds nice and quiet, normal. I bought a diy a/c charger can with gauge, hooked it up to refill as per the instructions and the gauge says the a/c system is already properly charged. Now I'm thinking that maybe there is a problem with the a/c heater blend door actuator in a desparate quest to avoid taking it to a real mechanic. How do I find this actuator, and is there any testing procedure to see if it works or not? Any other thoughts on potential problems would be welcomed too. Thanks! - Jon

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    I think that you are stuck with taking it to a professional.if you will buy vida/dice knockoff from ebay and will be able to properly install it to your laptop it might not answer all your problems. It might be cheaper to pay $150 for diagnostic and then you will know what you are dealing with. Actuator is a possibility, but somehow I doubt. We're you able to check the ac compressor clutch gap and see if it needs to be re-shimmed?(I would start here, you will only need a gauge set which is cheap and it might answer some of your questions.)

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