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Thread: thumping noise

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    Question thumping noise

    As title says, i have been experiencing a intermittent thumping noise from what seems to be drivers side bout half way back (between frt and rear door i believe). car is an 06 xc70 and i have recently replaced just about every suspension part frt/rear with exception of the subframe bushings in frt or rear of car. the noise was not there before hand but by replacing parts could have acerbated any rubber bit that was questionable. Frt 4 bushings aren't expensive and look to be easy to do with proper press tool (don't have) but rear bushing in frt of rear wheel looks to be an entirely different matter. Any suggestions on possible cause of noise, car handles fine and no loose bolts on anything i replaced. Is it possible that rear motor mount or tranny mount giving up the ship could be a cause? Kinda cold in upstate NY mts but if i had a clue of what to look for i would feel better.....winter car. New exhaust from cat back as well and not loose, all hangers good.

    Thanks for any replies

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    Subframe bushings do wear out. The rears are impossible to see.

    If you’ve got well over 100,000 miles, it’s time for new ones. Buy new washers and bolts. They’re not hard.

    Jack up the car. Support it where you can get at the rear bushings - ramps work, but it’s tight. Remove one bolt at a time. Then a 1/4” drill bit and drill the edge of the bushing shell, which is plastic. Pry out the bushing. Put a 1/4” prybar or chisel between the subframe and the frame, then use an old bolt, and old washer, with a couple of bolts as spacers, to draw the new bushing in. Repeat four times.

    Bushing and bushing tool shown. The socket head screws are aligned with the depresssions in the bushing itself, so that the tool pushes on the shell, not the rubber.
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