I have the following OEM (Volvo) Wipers for sale. You pay shipping costs. Or if you live in the Washington D.C./Baltimore area, we may be able to arrange a meet up.

All items are new, purchased from IPD over the past several years.

4 pairs of Volvo OEM Wipers Part 30784428. These were for a 2003 XC70. $25 USD each. IPD is currently selling these for $49.10
3 pairs of Volvo OEM Headlight Wipers Part 274433. These were for a 2003 XC70. $5.00 USD each. IPD price is $9.95
1 pair of Volvo OEM Wipers Part 31457762. These were for a 2007 XC70. $25 USD eacb. IPD price is $50.49

And if anyone is interested in wipers for a Mercedes-Benz, I also have
2 pairs of Bosch AeroTwin wipers, Part A053S. These were for a 2009 Mercedes C300. $20 USD each

Finally, I have a pair of PIAA Wipers, Part VM313SE. I don't remember which car I bought these for, but I think it was for the 2007 XC70. $20 USD

I no longer own the 2003 or 2007 XC70 or the 2009 Mercedes C300, but I found a box full of wipers in my garage.

Not sure what the shipping costs would be, but if you are interested, PM me and I'll check with UPS and/or FedEx. Or send email to [email protected]

Thanks for looking