Greetings Everyone,
Just to keep me busy, my 2002 V70 X/C (in Beautiful condition!) decided to let the Dr. side front wheel go on the Freeway. The Lug nuts came loose and the rest is history. I am now in search of a wheel for a 2002 V70 X/C and I am stuck behind Enemy Lines in the Peoples Socialist Republic of California. They have probably banned the sale of X/C wheels (like everything else) in the state. Does any one have any suggestions on where to look for a wheel, besides Volvo?
A friend had been driving the car for the last 8 months or so and had just dropped it back off for service, so I took it for a drive. The first time was wonderful. Second time I drove it there was a vibration and a bit of noise, which I ignored. Keeping in mind that I am a professional mechanic of sorts, who hot rods Volvo's for fun, I next ignored the front mud flap that was missing. On the third drive the front end was shaking badly and making noises, so I slowed down on the Freeway, moved to the slow lane and decided to check it out when I reached my destination. Then the car went Clunk and things went wrong in 105 degree heat, right in the middle a major freeway interchange. The new motor idled smoothly and kept the A/C running until the tow truck arrived; and the second tow truck. Make sure you ask for a flat bed with an AWD car! The drivers side front was dropped to the ground, but the wheel was still on. As we winched the car onto the flat bed, the front wheel decided to come off and take the fender with it. The cause was loose lug nuts, that eventually came off completely. This was sad, as the car was in Pristine condition. As noted I am a professional mechanic and have no excuse for ignoring the signs of trouble; I do not recommend doing this. I make a living off people who ignore this stuff! Has anyone out there had their lug nuts come off? I even did the last tire rotation, so the blame rests here if anywhere. No more mounting wheels with an impact wrench; I guess I will have to use one of the 4 torque wrenches in my tool boxes for future tire rotations. This is turning out to be an expensive lesson. Benefit from my lack of intelligence: don't ignore blatant signs of trouble and use a torque wrench on lug nuts.
Manic Mike