I just replaced the Knuckle on the drivers side and also replaced the e-brake and pads and rotors on both sides. As an aside I thought the knuckle would be an easy bolt on. Not so, getting all the pivot points to line up with the mounting holes in the knuckle was a struggle due the fact that the new bushings were, well new. Lots of tugging, pry barring and adjusting and tie straps to pull things in place but got it.

The passenger side rotor and e brake pads went back together no problem, rotor slid right over the pads. However I cannot for the life of me get the rotor over the e-brake pads on the drivers side. I need another 1/16-1/8 of space to get it to slide over.

I have done the following:
I loosened the parking brake cable all the way
Made sure the pad notches were all identical in depth
I made sure the cable was properly seated in the back of the knuckle
I checked the hook on the expander to make sure it was properly seated in the cable retainer
I made sure the shoes were fully seated in both the expander and the solid spreader.

What am I missing? I sure would like to get this back on the road and this is one of those things that should be a no brainer. I have done these before with no problem.

As an aside had my first really poor experience with FCP Euro which kept delayed the repair almost 2 weeks. Very dissapointed. My sense is they have changed management or something.