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    Default Radiator Fan Doesn't Shut Off - Solution

    I wanted to post this to possibly help others on this forum with a problem of the radiator fan not turning off and running down the battery. This happened a couple of days ago on our 2011 XC70. It turned out to be the cooling fan control module. I saw some extremely cheap versions for sale but opted to buy the Gates part # 31305106. This fixed the issue of the cooling fan not turning off. It is an easy 15 minute removal and even quicker reinstall. Volvo dealerships won't replace the individual fan module but will replace the entire fan assembly.
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    Sadly I replaced the whole unit which is a beast to get out. Maybe I should pick up that gates part and fix my old part to sell. I couldn't bear to toss it as I knew the fans both worked beautifully, seemed a waste to throw away.

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