If questions like these are not allowed, my apologies and please delete.

I'm a new owner of 2008 XC70 with 134,000 miles. We've had several issues pop-up but our beloved mechanic Tommy, of Budget Muffler in the Bronx, recently retired. Tommy's was the most honest and trustworthy mechanic I have ever dealt with; never recommending work that wasn't necessary (even if I thought it might needed to be done) and always able to explain complex problems in laymen's terms. I guess that's why his shop was jammed packed at 6:30 am when he opened.

The Volvo has given us several errors in the last few weeks:

Engine hood open (hood is closed; tried lubing the springs and latches)
Maintenance overdue.
Low engine oil (though the dipstick measures fine).

We're looking to start a relationship with someone who can take of the wagon. Doesn't have to be the cheapest as long as they're honest and trustworthy. I'm in northern Manhattan but I'm willing to travel to Westchester.