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    Default Motorcycle carrier 2005 xc70

    Hey all,

    Would love some feedback on the following.

    I have a 2005 xc70 which is pretty much stock. I have a 1-1/4" hitch with a
    Maximum gross trailer weight: 3,500 lbs
    Maximum tongue weight: 350 lbs

    Recently purchased a motorcycle with a dry weight of ~420lbs and would like to find a way to use a carrier.

    I found an old forum from 2003/2004 where someone tried to do something similar with a v70. The overwhelming advice was to not attempt it.

    Was hoping to get some feedback from folks on if this is possible with an xc70 and what the steps would be? I'm assuming I'd have to stiffen the suspension in addition to adding a 2inch receiver etc.

    I have very limited knowledge on suspension work/lift kits etc so would love some insight.


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    Willing to be proven incorrect but I believe the tongue weight of the car is 350 pounds, not the hitch. Putting a 2 inch receiver hitch will not change that.

    A small bike trailer could/would be the better option

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    No way. Way beyond what the rear suspension can handle. That much weight that far back will cause some serious degradation in handling.

    Get a trailer.

    Or a pickup truck to use with this carrier.
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    Thanks, understand the receiver wouldn't change anything but didn't know if there was a way to change the suspension. No sweat, thanks

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