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    Default 2005 with ETM problem?

    The wife's car is a 2005 xc with 206k miles and for the past few of weeks it has been having an intermittent stumble. It is usually on the freeway at a constant speed between 2000 and 2200 rpm . It only happened twice on surface streets, once going around a corner and once leaving a stop sign. Both of those times it was a similar rpm range. I've cleaned the throttle body and changed the plugs with no effect. I've gotten two codes P1221 and P0193. The first was about two weeks ago while my wife was driving and the last was yesterday while I was driving. The p0193 code came on after I put my foot in it to stop it from stumbling. I cleared them both and they haven't returned. Does this sound like an ETM problem? I was kind of thinking it wasn't fuel related because it was only under very certain conditions. Could it be MAF related?

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    You’ve got a fuel pressure code in addition to your TPS code.

    Get this thing diagnosed. Check fuel pressure with a good gauge. Read codes with VIDA. Do an ETM sweep with VIDA.

    Firing up the parts cannon based on codes and guesses is a horribly expensive, and ineffective, way to troubleshoot.
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