I just bought a 2016 v60 Cross Country from the nicest 90 year gentleman. The car has 42K miles on it. The seller has multiple Volvo's and according to his daughter has all his cars serviced by Bellevue Volvo in Washington state.

I am a Californian multi Volvo owner who saw his add, hopped on a plane and bought his car. Best transaction ever! Because he knew I was driving it back to California he insisted on two things: 1) It be fully serviced by Bellevue Volvo, and 2) he filled the tank. This made the transaction so meaningful!

What I learned from this is Bellevue Volvo are jerks! They charged the 90 year old gentleman $213.27! This is the most expensive 6 qt oil change I have ever heard of! What is worse it took over 3.5 hrs, with an appointment to which he was early too!

Bellevue Volvo why are you taking advantage of the elderly? Particularly those whom have demonstrated their "Volvo for life" loyalty? Shame on you!