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    Default My son just bought an XC90

    My son, who was 20 when we got the XC70, just bought an XC90 for his family. The time lag was to give him time to get an engineering degree, and then get a degree in medicine from top 5 med school. I'm jealous, but ya know, having struggled for so many years, he earned the car. He ordered it fully loaded, and man, that car has a lot of fun stuff!

    I guess I could buy one, but I still love my XC70, it's becoming as classic as my Chevelle. My wife's Infiniti SUV, nor our truck, will ever have such status.
    '04 XC70, Ice White, Taupe. Original owner (196K miles as of may21). 6 wheel bearings, broken ignition switch, broken turbo downtube flange, failed throttle body, many warped rotors, and a myriad of weird crap. Still my favorite car ever.

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    The new ones sure are nice. Congratulations!!
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    So classic, they're even appreciating (i.e., along with everything else [except currency] these days). Just for a hoot, go to and get an appraisal to see what CarMax will offer you for it. Ours went up $1,600 since 2020. My wife won't let me part with it. Maybe she knows best, as everything is still working, and it looks darn near like new, maybe it will become a collectible.
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    Hi Gibbons.

    Our Ocean just underwent the "Gibbons" tranny oil change and runs fine. Probably taking her across Canada later this year.

    The '04 XC-70 with 410,000 kms (~250,000 miles) remains my favourite ride and is seeing duty at the BC country place. We are looking at a replacement timing belt/water pump and tranny flush - so you know she will be around for a while. I know what you mean about loving an old gal - Black Beauty brings a smile to my face every time I drive her - lol.

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    Dr. Gibbons, that is quite the accomplishment! You and Mrs. Gibbons clearly know what you are doing with both cars and kids! Congratulations to you both!

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