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    Default What OBD2 Tool Would You Recommend For Non-Volvo Vehicles?

    For the Volvos, the VIDA/DiCE has been an inevitable tool to own, especially since I work on my vehicles.

    I also have an Innova 3100a OBDII scanner I've had for a long time now. What would you suggest I get, to be able to use with my smart phone (more modern tool), that will be at a comparable cost. I have been watching videos on FIXD, some commentators claim it is just to read and clear codes, nothing else, except paying the monthly fee; which I don't need. Also, they claim FIXD has lots of adverts with the basic tool ($20). I need a tool to buy and own with not monthly fee. Just want to scan the cars, (Toyota Sienna, Subaru Outback), get what might be wrong, and I can go from there. I mean, I would like a scanner that would be smart iphone compatible, and give me more information about the scanned vehicle.

    2001 Volvo V70XC/AWD/Auto/Turbo/164k Miles (Maroon)
    2001 Volvo XC70/AWD/Auto/Turbo/151k Miles (Brown)
    2005 Volvo XC90/AWD/V8/Auto 111K Miles (Black)
    2006 Toyota Sienna LE/AWD 124K Miles(Green)
    1985 BMW (E23) 735i(US)/AUTO/209K Miles (Parked since 2011)
    1997 Mazda MPV/AUTO/4WD/173K Miles (Parked since 2008)
    2002 Subaru Outback L.L. Bean/3.0/131K/AWD (Parked since 2017)

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    You can definitely get an Android app, not sure about iPhone

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    It depends.

    First thing I'd do would be to try for a factory scanner w 2-way capability at a price that was not punishingly high.

    Next in line - for a generic OBDII the ELM327 dongle with bluetoothe or wifi connectivity, paired with an app like Torque or Car Scanner.


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