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    Default Rear Spring Project - 2004 XC70

    So I worked on the passenger side rear today. Got everything unbolted including the bolt on the lower end of the shock. I noticed that the shock rests on a shaft that is connected to the trailing arm. After removing the bolt it looks like you just slide off the shock to dismount the shock/spring assembly. I used a prybar to pry it off. But noticed there is tension due to the spring so I stopped. I wasn't sure how much tension. Didn't seem like much but I was afraid it might pop off with force so I stopped and put everything back. I told myself I'll research it a bit before tackling it again. Any thoughts on this for those who have done it? Should I be concerned prying off the shock?
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    One "trick" recommended on forums which worked for me is to use the factory-supplied tire jack to relieve pressure on the suspension member in order to R&R the rear shock/spring. You ought to be able to see where the jack can be wedged in place and then slowly opened to relieve the pressure and remove the shock. There shouldn't be any "play" or chance of the jack slipping. If things seem dodgy as you're opening the jack, then the jack isn't placed in a good spot.

    I read posts where people have used a ratcheting strap or had a helper standing on the member to relieve pressure and it sounded like a bear. If placed properly, using the factory tire jack will be a piece of cake. I really don't think you're gonna want to try and remove the shock without first relieving the pressure. If you are able to pry the shock off (yikes!), I doubt you'll be able to get it back on again!

    I'm writing this from memory but IIRC, before you take everything apart you'll want to mark where the top plastic cap lines up with the spring/shock so when you replace with new parts everything will align correctly. Otherwise when you reattach, you'll find the bolt at the bottom doesn't line up with the hole. Then you'll have to recompress the spring and readjust everything and try it again.

    Also, again from memory, once you have the old shock out of the car breaking the nut on the top which holds everything together can be a little tricky. I think it requires a torx bit but you also have to hold a nut while you're turning the torx. I think I was able to reach the nut using pliers or channel locks. It's one of those jobs where you could probly use a "third arm" but I maybe had the torx ratchet resting against the ground to "hold" it while I held the nut with my pliers in one hand and twisted the whole shock apparatus. It wasn't difficult once I figured out what was required.
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    I bought the biggest ratcheting strap that I could get at Lowe's. Lots of tension on that. But it worked. Never worried about slippage or breaking.
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