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    Default 2005 XC70 Driveline vibration uphill under load

    Good Afternoon All;

    2005 XC70 with 180k (miles) on the odometer, serviced at routine 7500 mile intervals per the maintenance table.

    Noticed on a trip from Ohio to Pennsylvania that when in top gear (e.g. 55mph or higher, up to 70 or a shade over), faced with any sort of significant uphill grade I begin to experience a vibration/shudder which can be felt through the steering wheel and seat. As soon as you reach the top of the grade and the load on the driveline is lessened, the vibration goes away. No sign of it on downhill, level, or moderate uphill. Car does not lose speed, just the noted vibration. When I first felt it, I thought it was closely spaced ripples in the pavement, but it happened on a variety of surfaces (asphalt and concrete).

    Trans is still filled with the original fluid (there is no transmission service intervals at all in the scheduled maintenance chart).

    Apart from the vibration, the car shifts flawlessly, no signs of flare, etc.

    Any suggestions on a root/likely cause and corrective action? I really hope this is not the early stages of a transmission failure...

    Thanks in advance,

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    There are several possible causes - not uncommon to get a misfire from a failing coil that causes those symptoms. Do you have a check Engine light on?

    Next - the Forward CV joint on the driveshaft is a common failure, at about your miles. That is worth checking.

    A bad CV axle will cause vibrations under load, but usually this is preceded by leaking grease from the boot, followed by the CV or tripod (inner) joint wearing enough to cause vibration.

    It may also be the death of your torque converter, and the lock-up no longer works, so it is slipping. Hard to tell without driving it, or seeing it on Vida.

    The scheduled maintenance chart doesn't specify a fluid change for the transmission, so the fluid will last the life of the transmission. 180,000 miles is a pretty good life.

    If you would like the life to be longer, then fluid changes are recommended. IPD sells a kit to do it, and that's what I would do. I bet if you checked the fine print on your manual, it would mention a 52,500 mile service interval for fluid changes if your car is used in police or taxi service.

    My 2002 manual says just that. At 280,000 miles it has the original transmission. It has had several fluid changes.
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