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    Question XC70 Spark Plug Torque? 2008-2010 (B6324S)

    I was curious how many pound feet of torque I’m supposed to use according to Volvo’s spec when installing plugs in my 2008 XC70? I can’t find the information anywhere. Thanks in advance. 👍

    Also is there a specific torque for the Ignition coils as well or can I just hand tighten them?

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    I don't have a torque spec. But, the spark plug has a crush washer. When it begins to crush you will feel the change in resistance to turning. Continue until you feel a much greater resistance to turning (the washer is crushed). That is the stopping point. Do not continue tightening beyond this point, or you risk stripping the threads in the aluminum head (the spark plug threads are steel !!).

    The coil pack retaining bolt -- hand tighten till snug. Overtightening will crack the plastic mounting ear.

    Carefully inspect coil pack harness for breaks in the wire jacketing. Use a non-acidic glue (methacrylate superglue or vinyl glue) to seal any breaks.
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