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    Default 2012 XC60 Mirror Drive Motor Replacement

    Have searched the forum, but not finding anything thing that gives guidance on this topic. Driver's side mirror on my 2012 XC60 has stopped adjusting. Took it to local mechanic, and they wanted $900 to replace the mirror, and if BLIS stopped functioning after replacing the mirror, that could cost me another $800 to have that addressed.

    I'm looking at a kit from Volvo Cars Mall of Georgia (Door Mirror Drive Motor (Left)). Has anyone ever replaced this? I can't see spending between $900 and $1700 to replace a drive motor. Part at Volvo Cars Mall of Georgia is $172.11.

    Anybody out there had to do this?
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    You replace the mirror housing when it is broken and that does include a new mirror motor. If it only needs a mirror motor you replace that by itself. If you are getting estimates that include a new housing when you only need a new motor then either:

    The shop does not understand what is needed or

    It is not being communicated what repair is needed.

    The solution is: find a different service provider and carefully explain and show them your problem. Then if they still quote a new mirror assembly - ask them why it is needed.

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