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    Default Oil consumption and the dealership diagnostic process

    Hello, my family member's 2013 XC70 T6 3.0L with 120k miles is losing a quart of oil each month (after unknown amount of miles). It went to my trusted dealership for service. They said the brake booster vacuum pump is leaking, but it's probably burning oil to cause that much loss.

    The dealership recommended a procedure to determine the cause of oil loss. It is something like:
    Visit 1 - Come in with a "low oil" light on. They add oil. Take the car home.
    Visit 2 - Come in on a new work order. They drain the oil, weigh it, and put it back in. Take the car home and drive for 1000 miles.
    Visit 3 - Come in. They drain the oil and weigh it. They do a compression test and leak down test. Take the car home. They submit all of these results to Volvo. Volvo reviews the data and determines which engine components have failed.
    Visit 4 - Come in. They do the internal engine repair which Volvo recommends to resolve the oil loss.

    Has anyone used this procedure? I'm confused as to why Visits 1 and 2 must be separate and didn't understand the service writer's explanation.

    The options are to have the dealership do the diag and repair, or try to sell/trade the damaged car to get a newer one. As a long shot, is it reasonably possible to resolve oil consumption doing the work myself before selling the car to get a better price? Thanks.

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    Default searching for answers

    some insights here: LINK

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