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    Default Key Fob will not eject

    My 2008 XC70 key fob is stuck in the ignition slot. When I push it in gently to eject it, it makes the same little motor noise that it usually does but will not come out. If I pull on it hard it does come out. Found a video on YT that shows a plastic piece breaking off and getting stuck but that does not seem to be my problem. Looking into the slot with a flashllight shows nothing out of the ordinary. Spraying WD40 into the slot makes it easier to yank it out but it still will not eject as it should.
    When I push it in the little motor runs and seems to help pull it in but the feel is different, as if there was a hard stop. The car is still driveable as normal.
    Anyone have this problem? I can't find much on it anywhere else.

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    You have a bad ignition switch (the part you put the key into). My shop has replaced a few. Might be a 31268326

    And it might need a software download using VIDA to make it work.

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