Over a few years now I have occasionally experienced situations with Vida/DiCE reading MY 01 from which I could't recover; at least not by conventionally clearing codes and restarting. There is apparently a number of scenarios in which Vida does not acknowledge that the code had been cleared and Vida reset. This is somewhat acknowledged by Vida which throws up a prompt box, explaining 'some diagnostic codes do not run all the time, to confirm this code deletion restart Vida'.

I have found Roxanna's Implementation of Vida in Windows 10 Virtual Machine is a big asset in such situations. The reason is one can install multiple VM's of her VM - they will automatically be named: Vida Vida1, Vida 2 etc - So the second or subsequent VM enables one to read the car afresh (no codes set in Vida).

Ironically, I have come up against just such a problem of not being able to clear codes today, at the end af a week-long marathon maintenance stint on MY 01. No codes are present except for CEM bc48 transponder faulty (Key) Cranking No Start. ... I foolishly used the valet key, instead of the two remotes I usually use, to crank the engine when I had reinstalled the newly cleaned fuel rail and cleaned injectors to bleed air - I did not want the engine to start at that point. In order to clear the error code it is necessary to restart the engine and rev to 1500 rpm. With the no start 'readiness code' still in the ECM, I cannot do that. So I have installed a further itteration of Vida in the VM and await tomorrow with interest!

Incedentally the Lamda sensors on the 2001 V70XC are different sizes. The 'bank 2' or catalyst sensor is 22mm and easy to undo with the tool, its not tight (45Nm) but the front 'bank 1' sensor adjacent to the turbo is smaller. The fire proof thermal sleeving is too bulky to pass through the slot of my O2 sensor removal tool marked 7/8" so I left it in situe without inspecting it or cleaning it. I think the code indication faulty O2 sensor was spurious anyway.