The temperature just dropped like a rock in the Dallas area 01/02/2002. And my 06 XC90 4.4l isn't blowing hot air in the cabin. If I fiddle with the controls for a while: change vents, change fans speed, temp left side, right side, change to automatis, back to manual, etc., it will eventually start working again. This takes 20-30 minutes of trying.

I discovered that I may have caused the ECC to malfunction. August 2021 I had a vacuum leak somewhere in the engine compartment. Codes P0171 P0174. After finding and fixing multiple leaks, I disconnected the battery for 30 minutes in order to reset all computers (and reset error counters). I learned today that I (probable) did not follow the proper procedure for battery disconnect/reconnect. The ECC was probably still active when disconnect took place.

Does anyone know how to reset the ECC without using a VIDA and VIDIS?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!