Haven't been around here much as I sold my XC a couple years back but figured someone here might be interested in this:

I've got a complete M66 swap kit available - pulled from an 05 S60R with 200K on the odometer. I've got an ad up over on Swedespeed with more details, but feel free to reach out here if you want more information. Pricing is $1800 OBO, would prefer pickup in greater Bay Area (or Portland area during late-December).

I always wanted to build out a lifted M66 XC70, but right now I've got a V70R as a (questionable) daily driver and a '79 242 as a long-term project car... Would love to see this go to someone else here.

P.S. apologies if this is technically not the right place to post this - the classifieds section looked pretty dead so hopefully will get better visibility in this forum.