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    Default Door Mirrors Issue Troubleshooting Infor Needed

    Just got this 2005 XC90. The two door mirrors have issues.
    The driver side glass is sturdy in there, the switch at the door panel lights up, I can hear some noise when I push the lever to adjust it, but the glass does not move. The passenger side mirror, the glass is slanted and would not adjust when manually pushed by hand.

    All I have seen on working on the mirrors is how to replace the glass, check the fuse or remove the whole assembly.

    In my situation, I need to trouble shoot my issue; that is disassemble the body of the unit and see what the issues are.
    Any directives, links, would be helpful for my situation.

    Thank you all and Thanksgiving Greetings to you all.
    Please disregard this initial post.
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