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    Default Head light assembly swaps 2005

    I went to the bone yard to look for a replacement headlight assembly for one of my twin 05s. The donor is an 06. I figured It would have the plastic lenses but it had glass like the 01-04. Do these interchange with the 05? Also looked at a junked 06 that has the plastic lenses and appears identical to the ones on my 05 xc70. Does anyone know if that interchanges? Thanks

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    I've got a 2002 parts car with glass lenses that I'd like to swap into my 2007XC whose plastic lenses are faded. My research is that they're NOT interchangeable. You'd need to modify the electrical harnesses of the facelift 04+ cars to make the glass from the early XCs work. You'd also need to add a "shunt" (not sure if that's the proper word) somewhere in the circuits (fuse box?) to avoid a BULB OUT WARNING MESSAGE on your display. A few posters on Swedespeed have talked about this mod but I've yet to see any kind of tutorial explaining the procedure and steps involved. So until then, I'm not going to start cutting and splicing electrical wires.

    If you've found an 06 with glass lenses, it may work (have been modified) for your 05. I'm thinking they're both post-facelift so should have the same wiring. If the headlight connectors on the donor 06 are the same as the connectors on your 05, my guess is they would work. If you were to look at the electrical wiring for 2002 headlights vs. 2007, they're noticeably different.
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