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    Default Have you cleaned your MAF sensor?

    Have you cleaned your MAF (mass air flow) sensor?

    I did a search on MAF and there hasn't been much posted so I though I'd throw this out there. Cleaning the MAF sensor is easy-peasy and can make a big difference in the smooth operation and mileage of your vehicle. Art has posted a 'Replacing the MAF Sensor' article in the resources section (Thanks Art) that is an excellent guide.

    The MAF sensor senses the amount of air flowing into the throttle body (hence the name.) This in turn tells the CPU how much fuel is needed to get the correct 14:1 air/fuel mixture. (OK, this is the Reader Digest version of what happens, but essentially, it's correct.)

    If the MAF element gets dirty (coated with oily residue or whatever) if will give a false reading, resulting in an incorrect air/fuel mixture, poor performance and poor mileage.

    Cleaning the MAF sensor (with every oil change or twice a year, whichever makes you feel good) can and will help your vehicle to run better. It takes about 10 minutes from hood-up to hood-down. Caution: DO NOT touch the wire element (it is brittle and can break easily) and DO NOT use anything but MAF Sensor cleaner or electrical contact cleaner to get the job done. No brake cleaner, no rubbing alcohol, no Q-tips, nada. Once you have the MAF sensor out of the vehicle, just spray the daylights out of it, allow the cleaner to fully evaporate and reinstall. That's it. Easy.

    Cleaning the MAF sensor is not a big mystery, not difficult, and well worth the effort. I just saying...

    Cheers, Jules

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    Done it many about it on Howard's site (great resource by the way, Howard is how I found this forum...).
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    done it many times on many vehicles, but I can't say I've ever noticed a measurable difference from it.

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